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Celebrate the Life of Nathan Zakheim


May 18th, 2023 San Diego, California

At the Coronado Public Library, 640 Orange Avenue, Coronado, CA 92118.

5-6:30 pm. In the Ruby room. Free and open to the public. Donations accepted

Join us as a community in Celebrating the life of Nathan Zakheim: The Master Conservator who rescued and restored Coronado’s beloved Ramos Martinez Murals.  Photography of the restoration, and stories from friends of this master conservator will be shared.

About Our Walls Speak!

 This year’s  2023 “Our Walls Speak!: Nuestros Muros Hablan!”, event features four days of live and virtual panel/community discussions, artist and elder interviews and storytelling, and mural art exhibitions.  Download and attend a neighborhood mural walk/drive/tour through the San Diego neighborhoods of Logan Heights, Sherman Heights and Golden Hills  communities.  Join us on Sunday May 21st  for youth and family mural art workshops, spoken word, music and dance movement performances and local street food vendors serving healthy and delicious recipes.

Celebrating and Sharing Our Unique Chicano Mural Art Legacy for future Generations 

The project seeks to inspire all community stakeholders to join voices to articulate a path for mural education, preservation and advocacy in the face of the challenges of gentrification, encroaching developers and the bureaucratic hurdles that immigrant, minority, and the poor face protectingtheir own “painted history books on walls”.  Veteran Chicano Muralists, Mural Conservation Experts and Community Mural Artivists share best practices, case studies and innovations from across the United States and abroad.

 Artist,  and Elder Interviews and Storytelling

“Our Walls Speak” is the community’s expression of self power that they are not invisible, that a visible shared cultural history is vital. If this event is successful, many more San Diegans will feel enriched, proud, educated and empowered to advocate for the preservation, protection and appreciation of this very local, very unique, colorful, cultural and artistic heritage. Perhaps seeds of future muralists will be sown, and city leaders and dwellers will invest in mural art programs for local schools to pass the paint torch to local students.

Live and Virtual Panel/Community Discussions

Featured Panels include:

– Mural Preservation, Conservation and Renovation that reflect dynamic communities and neighborhoods.

– Protecting Historic Murals for Future Generations: Advocacy, Activism, Creating Policies that are resilient and actionable.

– Historic Chicano Muralism and Community Health: Creating Spaces of Community Expression, Identity and Celebration.

Classes & Workshops


There are workshops for professional artists and students/art lovers of all ages and abilities.  All panels, interviews and presentations will be streamed and recorded to be viewed virtually.  Live panels and presentations will take place at San Diego Made Factory, the Logan Heights Library and on site in Barrio Logan. Participants will learn mural restoration techniques from experts. 

“Our Walls Speak”, Sunday @Logan Heights Library May 21st

Sunday May 21st, Our Walls Speaks moves into Logan Heights Library for an outdoor celebration for all ages where participants can paint a mural designed by students, while djs, poets and dancers perform on a painted stage. Streetstyle vendors will provide lunch and refreshments.

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